two global problems, one elegant solution

Transparent supply chains for corporate brands
A voice for global workers
LaborVoices provides global brands and their supply chains what has been missing: an early warning system based on direct feedback from workers, by repeatedly polling workers through their mobile phones. We help our customers obtain strong safety standards and decent working conditions, empowering workers through their own voices.

How it Works

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In Bangladesh, hundreds of workers are using the LaborVoices SmartLine to share feedback on their safety and working conditions, quickly and anonymously. The SmartLine provides brands and suppliers real-time visibility into factory conditions, enabling them to identify and solve problems before they become urgent.

Meet Our Team

These are the people scaling the LaborVoices solution across the globe. Our team has deep and diverse experience in labor relations, technology and international business.
About Kohl
A physicist-turned-entrepreneur, Kohl applies a background in diplomacy and his passion for transparency to promote fact-based supply chain decision-making. Kohl founded LaborVoices in 2010.
Kohl gill
Kohl Gill
CEO and Founder
About Ari
Ari has a background in economics and public policy. Previously, Ari worked in microfinance in Peru and co-founded, a social enterprise leveraging mobile to improve the water supply system in urban India.
Ari olmos
Ari Olmos
About Piotr
Piotr joins LaborVoices as a Senior Engineer, with several years of experience with both Java and Ruby. He has coached RailsGirls workshops in DC and Helsinki, and was a 2013 Code for Europe fellow in Amsterdam.
Piotr steininger
Piotr Steininger
Senior Software Engineer
About Ayush
Ayush has a background in Computer Science and Information Science. Since completing his Master's degree at UC Berkeley, he has worked in data analytics roles at Wikimedia Foundation and PayPal.
Ayush khanna
Ayush Khanna
Director of Product & Marketing
About Sharek
Sharek has an academic background in Economics, Participatory Development and Applied Anthropology. He has first hand experience in managing Supply Chains, Business Development, and ICT for Development based on real-time information.
Sharek roomy
Sharek Roomy
Bangladesh Country Director
About Selin
Selin has a background in environmental sustainability and media. Previously, Selin was a Business Development Manager at MyClimate, a leading organization engaging corporations to improve their sustainability practices in Turkey.
Selin peker
Selin Peker
Turkey Operations Manager
About Alysia
Alysia has a background in international development and marketing. Previously, she worked on government projects in Latin America and Africa, helped launch several global social enterprises, and led marketing divisions for multinational corporations.
Alysia steinmeyer
Alysia Steinmeyer
Director of Business Development
About Andreas
After training as a semiconductor scientist and nanotechnology engineer, Andreas has spent his career leading technology startups. He is thrilled to apply this analytical and strategic background in service of LaborVoices' crucial mission.
Andreas stonas
Andreas Stonas
Director of Finance
About Musa
Musa has a background in computer science, statistics, and business, and continues his PhD on technology for development. He has implemented and managed projects for the EU, UNICEF, and others.
Musa copur
Musa Copur
Turkey Project Manager
About brook
Brook has a Ph.D. in String Theory. After leaving physics, Brook worked in micro-finance, and eventually as a web and mobile developer. He is fluent in Ruby, PHP, Javascript & Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, and Objective-C.
Brook williams
Brook Williams
Senior Technical Advisor
About Taiabur
Taiabur has a background in business administration and strategic marketing. He is experienced in the multidimensional aspects of marketing for mobile and VAS industries.
Taiabur rahman
Taiabur Rahman
Bangladesh Marketing Manager
About Margaret
Prior to coding, Maggie earned her MSW and spent three years as a clinical social worker. Over the last couple of years, she has supported mission-driven organizations through data-driven development in JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby.
Margaret epps
Margaret Epps
Software Engineer
About Maheen
Maheen has work experience in both Bangladesh and Australia in the education sector. She had co-founded a social platform, which worked towards creating awareness and gathering resources during national crises.
Maheen khan
Maheen Khan
Bangladesh Project Manager
About Paul
Paul loves to solve real world problems and has a background in API integrations into database intensive, service based systems with a German transportation start-up. Paul is a co-organizer of the local OKC Ruby user group.
Paul dawson
Paul Dawson
Software Engineer
About Parisa
Parisa has a background in electrical engineering and experience in corporate departments and the education sector. She has also volunteered for various organizations working with refugees and other social issues in Bangladesh and Malaysia.
Parisa jamal
Parisa Jamal
Technical Product Analyst
About Paige
Paige has a PhD in Social Anthropology and has worked in Africa, Europe and Central and South America with vulnerable workers for the past 8 years. She has a background in development programming and is passionate about human rights.
Paige belt
Paige Belt
Technical Project Manager
About Diana
Diana holds a B.A. in Marketing and a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship. Her experience includes marketing campaigns for global for-profit and non-profit organizations such as P&G, Discovery, the Hult Prize and TECHO.
Diana Sánchez
Marketing Strategy and Content Manager
About Hilda
Hilda brings experience from the international development, non-profit, technology and social entrepreneurship sectors working for organizations like Make-A-Wish Foundation and Pencils of Promise and the Hult Prize.
Hilda Perez
Digital Marketing Manager
About Lillian
Lillian is pursuing a B.A. in International Affairs from the University of Colorado and will graduate in May 2016. Her interests include international development, public diplomacy, and the European Union.
Lillian waters
Lillian Waters
Business Development Intern


At LaborVoices we draw upon a broad range of expertise with advisors around the world.
Sean Ansett, Senior Partnership Development Advisor

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